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The National Transplant Resource Centre has conducted Organ Donor Pledge registrations since 1997. However, some of the data was collected and recorded manually. The data shown here reflects records from 2009 which could be digitalised and consolidated with the new pledges collected via MySejahtera. MoH is committed to ensuring the delivery of comprehensive healthcare information to the rakyat.

Last updated 27 Sept 2023, 21:48

What are the latest organ pledger trends in Melaka?

Data as of 25 Sept 2023, 23:59

On 6 September 2022, a digital Organ Donor Pledge was launched on MySejahtera. The recent spike in pledges is attributable to this digitalisation effort.

28 Mar 202325 Sep 2023

How do organ pledger rates differ across the country?

Data as of 25 Sept 2023, 23:59

This data shows the % of the total population in each state which has pledged to donate their organs.

How strong is new pledger recruitment in Melaka?

Data as of 25 Sept 2023, 23:59

To meet Malaysia's healthcare needs, it is vital to recruit as many new pledgers as possible.

New Pledges

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Data for Melaka

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