PeKa B40

PeKa B40 is a MoH initiative which aims to sustain the healthcare needs of low income groups by focusing on non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Recipients of the Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (previously known as Bantuan Sara Hidup) and their spouses aged 40 and above are automatically eligible for free health screenings. This dashboard, which gives you near-real-time updates on PeKa B40 screenings, is brought to you by ProtectHealth Corporation.

Last updated 26 Sept 2023, 00:28

What are the latest screening trends in W.P. Labuan?

Data as of 25 Sept 2023, 23:59

Health screening is vital to ensure early detection of non-communicable diseases.

28 Mar 202325 Sep 2023

How do screening rates differ across the country?

Data as of 25 Sept 2023, 23:59

This data shows the % of the population eligible for PeKa B40 screening in each state which has been screened at least once.

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